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Input Leads to Support

Success is really a team sport, so the more people you have supporting what you want to achieve, the more you will achieve.  When people feel a part of something (involved), they will always feel more attached and will often take more action on it as well.

Reinvent Before Let Go

As the saying goes, micromanagement comes with a speed limit…so your team can only deliver as fast as you can keep everything straight in your head to tell them what to do.  However, letting go and delegating more to your people is not always easy, as it is often very difficult to let go of […]

Complete your Thoughts

You often bounce from one thought to another, and don’t really complete your thoughts before moving on to the next ones.  Everyone thinks in fragments, and like everyone, you only get to complete your thoughts in two ways…1.  You either invest the time to write them down on paper (maybe doing a mind map so […]