Strengthen yours and your leadership team’s mindsets and habits.

Lead a Global Business
to Thrive without You.

(enable your people to own the achievement)

Understand that your leadership success is not through micromanagement, but in leading NIFO (Nose In, Fingers Out).

Leadership Mindset

(enable your people to deliver the success)

Speak the language of achievement and your people will feel empowered to take ownership of outcomes.

Leading Yourself

(be the right role model for your people)

Understanding your own potential and limits lay the foundations for greater influence and leadership success.

Influencing Others

(align others, as success is a team sport)

Your success is based on your ability to adapt your mindset and approach to influence others.

Driving Performance

(deliver and feel change is normal)

Build the collaborative environment needed to embed successful change and deliver high performance.

Ownership Leadership Development

(Inspirational learning, coaching/mentoring and daily reminders)

Impactful Lessons

Four inspirational learning sessions on the Leadership Mindset, Leading Yourself, Influencing Others and Driving Performance.

Peer Coaching

Support and accountability from peers to create new habits faster.


One on one sessions with Mark help leaders turn theory into practice.

Daily Reminders

Constant positive nudges to create new habits faster.

To lead a global business 
to thrive without you…