Lack of Ownership kills your team’s Performance

I mentor ambitious executives globally to get their people to OWN IT!

Mark Fritz

  • International Leadership Experience
  • Mentored 100’s of leaders worldwide
  • Spoke on leadership in over 50 countries

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Do you know why you never wash a rental car?

Because you don’t own it,
and the same applies to the team you lead…

If they don’t take ownership of their jobs, then guess who does?
You do, and then you start doing more of their jobs, and less of yours!

3 steps to do more of your job!

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What Others Say about Mark Fritz


“Mark brings a huge amount of experience, sound advice and enthusiasm to his specialist subject of leadership. Some of the best and clearest thinking I have encountered in my 35 years in business.”

David Jones
Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors


“Mark is a rare talent - able to entertain, engage, inspire and teach at the same time. I have witnessed the remarkable impact he has on seasoned CEOs, ambitious MDs and aspiring executives. Genuinely life-changing!”

John Watkinson
Vistage Chairman and Non-Executive

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