Doing MORE of your
or your people’s job?

With a strong pipeline, YOU
consistently do more of yours!

Leadership Specialist on the Power of Ownership

You get to do more of your job
with a pipeline doing THEIRS!

Create a pipeline with
leaders feeling it’s THEIRS
at all levels.

Feel more Pride
Part of Something Bigger
Use their Potential
Stronger Adaptability
More Creativity
Faster Execution
More Strategic Focus
Stronger Relationships

More Time for YOU

Do you feel you are
an Ownership Leader?

Invest a minute to answer these seven questions, and receive personalized feedback from Mark too!

To create the future faster…

Mark makes an impact
with ownership…

Coaching / Mentoring

Role Model Ownership.
Lead everyone to OWN it.

“I am calmer and make
better decisions every day.

A sounding board and adviser
that is always with you.

Interactive Sessions

Bring Ownership Top of Mind.
We OWN the results.

Inspirational and practical;
and everyone with clear actions.”

No slides…it’s becomes
a conversation with you.

Leadership Programs

Ignite an Culture in 90 Days.
We OWN the future.

“Creates a common language for
leadership to grow faster.”

A partner to create your
leadership pipeline faster.

Online Self Study

Create the Future Faster
We OWN the achievement.

“The short lessons make it easy
to do a few lessons at a time.”

Grow ownership leaders
around you faster.

A little background on Mark…

Lived in Singapore, Egypt, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, UK, and USA. Spoken on ownership leadership in over 50 countries around the world. Led enterprise transformations in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Mentors executives and runs leadership programs throughout the world. Today, London UK is home with his wife Atsuko.

What Clients Say…

Leadership Programs

"Mark will be remembered in your organisation for a long time. He will help create a common language for leadership that will leverage the power of your leaders and make your talent grow, both professionally and personally.“

Belén Fernández
Former Chief People, Organisation and Culture Officer - WiZink

Interactive Sessions

“Clarity and simplicity are much underrated nowadays, but Mark makes them shine and move people.”

Juan Manuel Domínguez
Academic Director | Strategic Project Leadership - IE

Interactive Sessions

"Mark is absolutely inspirational, but also to a high extent practical; and leaves the audience with clear actions."

Ellen Marie Nyhus
CEO | Verdane Elevate

Made an Impact in…

Trigger new habits faster!

Reflection is the opportunity to give yourself advice!

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“A great reminder of how we
should be working with our people.”

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“Always inspires new thoughts
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Other Resources for
You to Grow Faster

Opportunity to give yourself advice.

Triggers more action within you.

Ideas to action from today.