Achieve More with Fewer Thoughts…Three Reasons Why!

It’s sounds strange, but true. The successful have fewer thoughts than the unsuccessful, and especially because they can hold important thoughts longer in their mind. Here are three reasons why the successful achieve more with less, and how you can create the behaviors to do the same too.

1. Create a Strong Focus

A strong focus provides a clear target for your thoughts, and with a clear target, your mind will just naturally think more about that target than on other things. With just one simple habit (done twice a day), you too can “train” your mind to be more focused and on what you want to achieve the most.

Begin and end each day thinking about your most important focus…that one thing that will help you to make the biggest impact. Then, think about all the things you can do that day to advance that focus…to make progress on it that very day (or the next day if you are at the end of your day). Your subconscious mind is most receptive when you just get up and just before you go to bed. Thinking of your focus at the beginning of the day will help you take more action, and thinking of your focus at the end of your day will help your subconscious mind work on it while your sleep too.

You can train yourself on what you think about, so make your most important focus your first and last thought every single day.

2. Be Action Oriented

The successful achieve more because they are action oriented. Also, that action orientation is what helps them to hold a thought longer than others can. They are focused on thinking long enough until they see the action they can take on their thoughts. This helps them achieve more as their thinking ends more often than others with an action (than just an incomplete thought). The people who are not action oriented, tend to quickly jump from thought to thought without coming to any conclusion as to what they are going to do about it.

You can do this too.

Drive yourself to define an action that moves your thought forward, and better yet, decide right then when you will do that action (if you can’t do it right away).

This will train yourself to hold your thoughts longer (to get to that action), and reduce the times where your thoughts just jump around from one thought to another with no progress.

This week, focus yourself on holding your thoughts until you can see the action you can take.

3. Develop a Freed Mind

When do you get your best ideas?…in the office or someplace else? It is amazing, that when you mind is focused on something else (and maybe something you really enjoy), your subconscious gets to work on what you have been continually telling it was important. That’s why when you play sports or spend a day with your family doing fun stuff, you often get your best work ideas just pop into your head. Also, when you are relaxing and just enjoying where you are, you get more great ideas too.

As the old saying goes, it’s often what happens off the job that powers you on the job. Make your off the job as active and enjoyable as you can.


When your thoughts are focused on the important, and you hold the thoughts long enough to see the action to take; you will make more progress and enjoy more success.

There is more power in fewer thoughts…
(if they are the right ones that see action).