What is the Hidden ROI of Mentoring? What You Need to Know Now

Mentoring is a fantastic way for you to speed your growth, whether you are the mentee or even the mentor too. In fact, there is a hidden ROI for the both the mentee and the mentor, and both can end up realizing the impact of the ROI for a long time after the mentoring relationship has been completed.

So, let’s look at the hidden ROI for both the mentee and the mentor.

Hidden ROI for the Mentee…
(Remove your Limits)

The limits you place upon yourself are far greater than the limits that others could ever place on you. A mentor can help you remove the limits you place upon yourself, and help you use more of the potential that is within you. This ROI seems hidden, because it is not within what you do or even what you think; but is often within your subconscious beliefs…the part of you that is framing the opportunities you will be able to see or not see. The benefits of seeing more opportunities and taking action on them can be limitless.

Here are three areas where a mentor can help you to Remove your Limits

1. See More of the Potential within You

You can only achieve to the level of the potential you see within you. So, when a mentor helps you see more of your potential, it is a way of opening a door for you to see more ways of you using that potential too. A mentor often helps you see more of what you already know and do, and helps you see that not using the potential inside you is also limiting you from using the potential that is within your team. Therefore, you using more of your potential is one of the best ways to grow the people around you and your business.

2. Discover Beliefs Behind your Limits

As you discuss your potential with your mentor, you probably will challenge your mentor with “I am not sure I can do that”, “that’s not me” or something similar. What is driving you to say this is a belief inside you that is not consistent with your potential that is being discussed. With your mentor challenging you to use your potential, you both are discovering those beliefs you have within you that you limiting you from using your potential. Once you understand the beliefs that are limiting you and step back and analyze them, you will discover that they are not based on logical reasons, but emotional reasons…and it is time to replace them with more powerful beliefs.

3. Create and Reinforce New Beliefs

You cannot really change a belief, but you can create a new belief and then strengthen it every day. The problem with changing a belief is that you have to think about it to change it (and thus keep reinforcing it in your mind, that old belief). A mentor helps you focus on creating a new belief and to identify right away the approach you will take to reinforce this new belief each day. Also, the mentor will do his or her part to help you reinforce this new belief in all their interactions with you too. One new belief has the power to help you see opportunities that were always there, but you never saw them before. Now that you see them, you can start taking action on them and achieving more of what you want (both for yourself and your business).

Remove your Limits…Create and Reinforce New Beliefs

Discover more of the potential within you and see more opportunities to use your potential every day. The more opportunities you see, the faster you will see the one that takes you and you business to another level.

Hidden ROI for the Mentor
(Expand your Impact)

Mentoring is a way of giving back, but mentors gain in a very powerful way by learning better how to influence others with what they now. Robert A. Heinlein said it best “When one teaches, two learn”.

Here are three areas where mentoring others helps you in Expanding your Impact

1. See What Others Need Faster

As a mentor, you will be working with all types of personalities and situations, and you will need to see how you can help your mentee in the best possible ways. This requires you to understand people and their circumstances in depth and to be able to see the changes your mentee could make that would bring them the biggest benefits. Mentoring will help you read people faster, and know where your help could make the biggest impact.

2. Help Others See It as a Need

What your mentee says that he or she should work on may or may not be the most important area to change. A mentor might often need to find ways to show their mentees an area of improvement that they don’t even recognize yet. So, it’s not good enough for the mentor to see it, the mentee has to see it too. As the mentor, you will learn how to playback situations and your mentee’s comments in ways for your mentee to see an improvement area that they did not notice before. As mentioned above, this could be a belief that is setting limits on your mentee using their true potential.

3. Share for Others to Embrace It

For the mentee to gain results and for your to make an impact, he or she must embrace what you say and take action on it. You will need to learn to share your advice and ideas in ways for your mentees to see they need to take action on this now or they are missing an opportunity. When others embrace what you are sharing, this is where the impact of your mentoring will take place.

Expand your Impact…Influence Others to Change

When you grow your influencing skills, you expand your ability to make an impact. Influence your mentee to change a belief, and your mentee may see an opportunity that totally transforms their business too.

In Summary

Remove your Limits

Expand your Influence