Why your Whole Team Benefits When You Get Executive Training/Coaching

What happens when your team doesn’t own what you are asking them to achieve?  They don’t feel a part of the success (or the failure) of the business.  Executive training/coaching is as much about ensuring benefits and behaviors cascade down through a business as it is in changing the habits of your leadership team.

There’s an old saying about leadership development:  Manager:  What if I develop my people and they leave?  Coach:  What if you don’t and they stay?   Leadership development is really culture and performance development, as great leaders become powerful role models…impacting their people’s behavior and performance.

Who benefits from executive training/coaching?

The whole organization benefits from executive training and coaching.  When an executive and their leadership team grow as leaders, their behaviors impact the behaviors in everyone they lead.   You could say that the biggest benefit from executive training/coaching is that stronger leaders find better ways to use the potential in their people and their teams.   In fact, the biggest barrier to improved performance in your company is not because you have the wrong people, it’s because your leaders don’t have the behaviors to get your people to use their potential.

What is the impact of a great leader on the rest of the business?

Here’s a great saying about leadership: “An organization is only as good as the people at the bottom want it to be”.   A great leader grows a powerful leadership pipeline, and that enables everyone at all levels of the organization to use their potential.  Leaders impact the lives of everyone around them, both in positive and negative ways. Remember, each week you spend more time at work than you do with your family.  A great leader not only has the power to impact the company’s performance, but can impact the thinking and behaviors their people take home with them too.

How do great leaders share their success with others?

You cannot be a great leader without putting your ego aside.  Leadership is about others, giving credit to your people for the team’s success, and taking the blame for yourself when mistakes are made.   Think of it this way:  When you shine the light on others, the light you shine will shine back on you even brighter!  Great leaders are focused on providing visibility to their people and their achievements.  It’s drives their people’s pride, and people with pride in their work are always looking for faster and better ways to do it.

How strong is the leadership pipeline in your organization?…and it starts with your executives!  Contact me, and I will share the executive training/coaching I provide to grow the leadership pipeline in your organization.