My Impact

Your team OWN the future with you.

Ownership Leadership to
Create the Future Faster

(Create Accountability)

We OWN today and the future.

Raise your Level
of Influence

(Build Relationships)

We influence others to OWN it too!

3 P’s for Driving
Successful Change

(Focus on People/Plans/Politics)

We OWN change together.

These interactive sessions feel more like
“conversations”, as there are no slides.
It’s just Mark sharing stories & examples
and engaging everyone in the concepts
(with group work and report backs that
help everyone see how they can apply
the learning right away).

Growing your Leaders
& Hi-Potentials Faster

(Grow a strong leadership pipeline)

We OWN the future.


Ownership behaviors
become top of mind.


Reinforce great
behaviors in each other.


Develop great
role models faster.


Create new
habits faster.

Mark’s leadership programs are “impactful”
as the interactive sessions make the learning
relevant fast; and the group work, reflection,
and peer coaching help everyone to move
the learning into action fast as well.
The program’s success is not in the learning,
but in the action from everyone that follows.

Become an Ownership Leader

(Based on Mark’s OWNIT! Methodology)

Get your people to OWN the future with you.


Learn ownership
concepts quickly.


Work your business
judgment muscle.


Leverage experiences
to grow faster.


Get Mark’s support
when you need it.

This is a great resource for companies
to “speed the leadership development”
of your leadership team/high-potentials.
It helps create a common language within
the company on the leadership mindsets
and behaviors that drive OWNERSHIP,
enabling everyone to create the future faster.

To create the future faster…