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Nose In, Fingers Out: How to Quit Micromanaging

Are you a leader or a micromanager? The difference is whether your team’s speed is theirs or yours…because micromanagement comes with a speed limit. Micromanage your team and your will never get your people to use their potential, and your team will never be as successful as it could be.  So, if micromanaging is so […]

How to Lead from Afar

In this today’s world, many leaders will be managing their teams from afar.  Great leaders will have enabled their teams to be productive on their own, but a bad leader leaves their teams unable to deliver without being there all the time, and in person.  How can you make sure you’re a great leader for […]

Why Great Leaders Don’t Always Answer Questions

Inexperienced leaders try to answer all the questions – they view it as an opportunity to impart wisdom and solve a problem simultaneously. But great business leaders know that providing an immediate answer can be the number one barrier to their team’s growth. Stepping back and allowing a team to problem solve before asking questions […]

Speaking in Outcomes

How do we go from asking activities to speaking in outcomes?  It’s a vital step in ensuring your team takes ownership of their work and projects, and understands what work needs doing for the wider business. There’s an old saying: “What you ask about comes about.”  If you are only asking about the activities, then […]

Why your Whole Team Benefits When You Get Executive Training/Coaching

What happens when your team doesn’t own what you are asking them to achieve?  They don’t feel a part of the success (or the failure) of the business.  Executive training/coaching is as much about ensuring benefits and behaviors cascade down through a business as it is in changing the habits of your leadership team. There’s […]

Why the Future of Leadership is Built on WHO not How

The biggest mistake leaders make?…not trusting their own people to deliver. Tomorrow’s greatest leaders are the ones who will figure out the WHO and trust them to deliver on the HOW. The pandemic has given us a glimpse into the future, and the greatest leaders are focused on developing their leadership teams into the leaders […]

How To Nail Coaching In A Virtual Environment

Most of us are still adapting to a world where we work either entirely or partly remotely.  So, let’s explore how to nail coaching in a virtual environment, and the key steps in identifying where a team needs to grow when it’s not physically together. The pandemic has shown companies that work doesn’t all have […]

How Great Leaders Measure their Own Success

How do great leaders measure their own success? Is it through peer feedback, self-assessment or through something like performance data? Success is what everyone seems to be after, so how do great leaders measure their success in ways that enables them and their teams to use more of their potential.  Ask others the question: “How […]

What is your Inbox Telling You?

Actually, your inbox could tell you a great deal about your leadership, and whether you are focusing on OUTCOMES or not. First, the number of emails you get. If you are getting more emails (and questions) from your people than you think is necessary, and if those questions are quite detailed in nature, then you […]

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