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3 Key Steps to Successfully Delegate the Difficult

It’s not easy for you to delegate the difficult jobs to your people, especially if they don’t have your full trust in them. However, the difficult is what develops your people to grow faster and enables them to take on greater challenges and opportunities in the future. So, don’t avoid delegating the difficult…just focus on […]

5 Ways to Managing your Time More Effectively Right Now

Time management is a hot topic in today’s fast-paced world, and everyone is always looking for ways to be more productive and to save more time. However, there is no such thing as time management, as you cannot manage time. Also, you can never use lack of time as an excuse, because everyone gets the […]

6 Ways to Build More Team Ownership for the Results

Ever have a problem with a rental car?  Did you take a taxi to the local auto parts and hardware stores, buy parts and tools, and go back to fix it?  No, you just gave the car back for a new one because you don’t OWN it.  What happens when your team doesn’t OWN what […]

What is the Hidden ROI of Mentoring? What You Need to Know Now

Mentoring is a fantastic way for you to speed your growth, whether you are the mentee or even the mentor too. In fact, there is a hidden ROI for the both the mentee and the mentor, and both can end up realizing the impact of the ROI for a long time after the mentoring relationship […]

How to Define Success in Today's Global Economy

How To Define Success in Today’s Global Economy

The world has changed dramatically in recent years, and it is a truly global economy now, with your partners and competition just as easily being across the world as across the street.  Digitalization is driving change at faster rates each day, requiring today’s businesses to adapt faster and in ways never before.  So, how do […]

Empowering Employees: 6 Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Fix Them via @markfritz, leadership, leaders, business

Empowering Employees: 6 Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Fix Them

The best and the fastest way to grow your business is to grow your people first. Actually, at the core of leadership is growing others, and empowering your people is key for them to grow faster. That being true, does everyone look at empowering people in the same way? Probably not, and everyone can improve […]

Here are 5 Reasons Why Mentoring Matters

Leaders get mentors because they want to grow faster and make a bigger difference in the role they have now, and prepare themselves for the bigger role in the future. Why?…because a mentor’s impact on you is at a higher level than others, as mentors will lift your goals, focus, action, and results to higher […]

How to Help Your Top Managers Lead Effectively: 6 Essential Traits by @MarkFritz, Leadership Development, Business

How to Help Your Top Managers Lead Effectively: 6 Essential Traits 

HR Managers are always looking for more effective ways to grow their top manager’s leadership abilities, and the most successful focus on creating and reinforcing these 6 essential leadership traits. Also, they look to include two very key attributes to their leadership development programs: Repetition and Intensity Repetition is important to create new habits from […]

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