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Grow your Business Judgment Pipeline

Let’s run a little scenario with you. You lose the best person in your team today…someone you trust their business judgment 90% to make good decisions. The replacement you only trust 30%! How does tomorrow look? Not very good, and only one person/position changed within your team. Here a two key reasons that one of […]

Keys to Successful Leadership Programs

I have run a number of leadership development programs, and led leadership development sessions in business schools across Europe.   These programs get your leaders away from the day to day, and get them thinking about their own development and how they can move their organization forward faster. Here are two keys to make your next […]

You Get What You Expect

Powers your Leadership and your Career Success You have probably heard the expression “You Get What You Expect” many times, but probably never stopped to really think why that is true.   It all starts with your beliefs (that drive your dominant thoughts)…but first, a couple of important questions! What percentage of your daily behaviors is […]

The Power in Seeing It Achieved

Look at every successful CEO and you will think of the word execution. You do not rise to this level in the company without have the ability to get things achieved. If you were to look behind this ability to drive execution, you would uncover that these CEOs clearly see the direction they want to […]

Two Key Factors to Great Communications

There are many factors that help you to communicate more effectively with others, and your influence and success is driven by how effective your communications are. Here are two of the factors I have found to be very important: 1. Being Concise When you are concise, you are less likely to bore and frustrate others. […]

Get the Right People to the Table

There is old saying that always stays current: People Trump Strategy. In fact, people often trump processes, procedures, and methodologies. It is not that these other things are not important, it is that their effectiveness or ineffectiveness is driven by the people executing the processes, procedures, and methodologies. You don’t really say: “That process let […]

Three Reasons to Create Peer Pressure

When you start making everything more visible (both results and behaviors) within the team, you start to drive peer pressure within the team too. Some leaders don’t like peer pressure as they don’t feel they will not be able to handle the possible conflict that could come with it. Have the courage to make results […]

Achieve More with Fewer Thoughts…Three Reasons Why!

It’s sounds strange, but true. The successful have fewer thoughts than the unsuccessful, and especially because they can hold important thoughts longer in their mind. Here are three reasons why the successful achieve more with less, and how you can create the behaviors to do the same too. 1. Create a Strong Focus A strong […]

Planting and Watering Dominant Thoughts

The old saying goes…”You are what you think”, and you could say that another way “You do what you think”. So, you have more influence with others if you can influence what they think, and have them thinking about that more often too. Get others thinking about it all the time and you have created […]

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