The Power in Seeing It Achieved

Look at every successful CEO and you will think of the word execution. You do not rise to this level in the company without have the ability to get things achieved.

If you were to look behind this ability to drive execution, you would uncover that these CEOs clearly see the direction they want to take their company and the pace that enables the company to lead their industry. Also, you would uncover that these CEOs see the culture (the shared behaviors) the company requires for their people to successfully work together internally and with their external partners.

In your leadership role, how clear are you Seeing It Achieved? Here are just a few thoughts on what could go into a successful CEO’s picture.

Direction and Pace

The best direction is defined from the customer back, and what needs to be achieved in order to create a customer experience that competitors could not immediately copy. Also, you cannot create a powerful customer experience without the right partnerships, both in enabling capabilities (technologies, etc,) and in delivering capabilities (people’s mindsets). Therefore, clear pictures of the following help CEO’s see their vision achieved.

1. Offerings Roadmap – How the company will deliver the customer experience.
2. Partnerships – The external relationships and capabilities needed.
3. 90 Day Plans – Pace (or a sense of urgency) is gained or lost on a daily basis.


A culture is really a set of shared expectations of how everyone in the company will behave and execute. The best cultures view change as normal, and understand that staying ahead of the competition requires constant change. Clear pictures of the culture could include:

1. Strong Values – Leaders communicating and reinforcing the right behaviors
2. Role Models – Leaders show the behaviors they want everyone to embrace
3. Change Projects – Small, medium and large projects drive constant change

What will enable you to See It Achieved?