You Get What You Expect

Powers your Leadership and your Career Success

You have probably heard the expression “You Get What You Expect” many times, but probably never stopped to really think why that is true.   It all starts with your beliefs (that drive your dominant thoughts)…but first, a couple of important questions!

What percentage of your daily behaviors is driven by your conscious mind? It’s actually between 2-4%, a very low percentage; and I can prove it to you with just one question. “Can you tell me your next thought?” You really can’t, because your thoughts often just pop into your head. Let’s prove it with an example. Think back to when you or your partner was pregnant with your first child. Did you suddenly see more baby buggies all over your town? That’s right you did, and you didn’t say to your partner at breakfast each morning “let’s go look for baby buggies today honey”, did you?   Your subconscious mind just pointed them out because babies were a dominant thought for both of you (and full of emotion).

So, what’s important is to drive your sub-conscious mind to have the right dominant thoughts, and the right thoughts are your expectations of what’s possible…not of what’s not possible.   You see…the mind is always searching for evidence of your thoughts, so your success is driven by your sub-conscious mind (the 96-98% of you) searching for the right expectations versus the wrong ones.

Your expectations are the most important factor in driving both your leadership and your career success. Without the right expectations, you will never see the very opportunities that are in front of you because your expectations (your dominant thoughts) are either two low or often the very opposite of what you really want to achieve.

You change your dominant thoughts (your beliefs/expectations) the same way you create a new habit…through repetition (and lots of it). Drive yourself to think of the right expectations (and only those expectations) for 30 to 60 days and you can change (your beliefs) what your sub-conscious mind is searching for and soon You Get What You Expect (what you really want to achieve) for both your leadership and your career success.