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Mark Fritz shares the key mindsets and habits to successfully get your PEOPLE to OWN IT!  His keynotes and interactive sessions are packed with stories and examples that bring to life the ideas within you to take action on right away.  Also, he does this without the aid of any “powerpoints”…it’s a conversation between just you and him!

His popular keynote is Why You Never Wash a Rental Car!

You don’t wash it, because you don’t own it.  What happens when your people don’t own it?  Mark shares how to get your people to FEEL the ownership, and to keep it.

Also, Mark packages the OWN IT! theme into specific leadership topics you would like to focus on, so contact Mark and he will tailor a keynote or interactive sessions to fit your goals.  Some of Mark’s tailored keynotes or master classes have been:

  • Leading high performance teams
  • Core leadership skills to influence change
  • Leading across distances and cultures
  • Developing 360 degrees influence
  • Resilience and well-being for leaders

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The Top 3 Conditions for Success

Mark Fritz challenges over 150 SME business leaders to develop their leadership skills and learn to drive hightened levels of ownership within their organsation.

Mark has spoken in over 50 countries on the Power of Ownership.

“Why You Never Wash a Rental Car”

Mark’s inspiring keynote on the power of OWNERSHIP!

Why You Never Wash a Rental Car

What Others Say about Mark Fritz


Mark Fritz presented the Workshop Lead & Influence in Lima, Perú for a 150 excecutive audience . The presentation was excellent. The methods he suggested for leading people in your organization were very thought provoking and generated many new "out of the box" ideas. Highly recommended.

Diego Lladó
Executive Director, ALTAG


Mark has presented to all of my Vistage groups. His session is just full of practical techniques, with lots of examples so people find it easy to relate to.   Mark is also a great storyteller, so everyone is engaged right to the end. Members leave the session with several "light-bulb" thoughts and go on to modify their leadership style quickly.  A very valuable and informative session.

Steve Gilroy
Vistage Chair

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