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Mark delivers keynote and masterclasses on ownership leadership in companies throughout the world, and has spoken in over 50 countries.  Based on his OWNIT! methodology, his keynotes and masterclasses enable executives to understand and embrace what it takes to be the leader they need to be.  He understands a leader’s frustrations, and can inspire you with practical ideas and habits that will gain the commitment from your people.

Mark’s focus is on enabling you to get your people to OWN their responsibility.


Be the Leader You Need to Be
(gain your people’s commitment to OWN their responsibility)


Ownership Leadership Mindset
(creating the conditions for your team’s success)

Leading Yourself First
(being the right role model for your people)

Influencing Others
(aligning others, as success is a team sport)

Driving Performance
(delivering and feeling change is normal)

Mark rarely uses slides, preferring the use only a flip chart, and treating it as a conversation with the audience.  Also, he includes reflection and peer coaching at the end of each keynote and masterclass to turn the ideas into more action.  (Remember, the best definition of reflection:  It’s the opportunity to give yourself advice.)

See Mark in Action!

“Be the Leader
You Need to Be”

Mark’s inspiring keynote on
the power of OWNERSHIP!

Ownership Leadership

What Others Say about Mark


"Mark's methods for leading people were very thought provoking and generated many new "out of the box" ideas."

Diego Lladó
Executive Director, ALTAG


"Mark was engaging, personable, and spent extra time listening and interacting with the delegates following his talk."

Simon Phillips
Director of Operations, Hoburne

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